Source Code

This page provides links to and guidance for the source code for different components.


GNU/Linux distributions provide native toolchains for 32-bit ARM devices such as the A10 and A20, as well as cross-toolchains such as gcc-arm-linux-gnueabihf found in Debian.

However, older source code may not readily support newer compilers, thus requiring older compilers to be obtained and used. See the Buildroot Toolchain page for a description of the process of getting a suitable compiler.

Linux Kernel

The recommended branch is sunxi-3.4.

Some further notes and guidance regarding the building of Linux can be found on the Building Linux page.


Some further notes and guidance regarding the building of U-Boot can be found on the Building U-Boot page.


You can report bugs and feature requests at The list of changes made to A10 tools is available at


Compile X11 driver for A10

G2D and DirectFB

There is a DirectFB patch which supports the A10's G2D (2D Graphics Engine):

It appears to be a re-use (or rewrite) of the vmware DirectFB driver, which is a little strange but at least the code is there.


There is an ongoing effort led by Bootlin to mainline video decoding support:


There was a previous effort to reverse engineer the CedarX Video decoding drivers:

Other Info

Kernel Status

A10 Kernel Status