27 May 2013: 2nd revision decisions

A review of the 1st PCB along with a first attempt at casework design highlighted some gotchas. One of the requirements is to have nicely rounded corners, similar to the GPL-violating CT-PC89e which kicked off this entire project. Note how the connectors are inset (like a dormer roof):

This is what we really want. The problem is highlighted by the following picture. Look closely at the wire-frame, and note that the Headphone socket isn't yet installed:

For this to happen, the connectors need to be moved inwards, which means that one of them has to go. As it'll be over USB 1.1 (via the STM32F), that means that the best candidate to go is the Micro-SD. Given that there is already a Micro-SD slot on the EOMA-68 CPU Card, this is not a great loss.

We're having a little difficulty explaining the concept to the design house so have come up with some prototype mock-ups (made out of thick paper). Rather unfortunate, but we feel it is better to get such a significant design error corrected than to try to sell something that would look utterly pants. With curves at the corners, the tablet looks the part. Not like a brick, but like a decent machine that's easy to hold as well.