29 Sep 2013: 2nd revision, status update with EOMA68-A20 CPU Card

Good progress on the Flying Squirrel Tablet (currently being maintained at the PCB page). Some short-circuits were found between pins on the PCMCIA header, between the I2C lines and the RGB/TTL. The pins had to be dug up (legs now kicking in the air) and wires run over to appropriate points on the PCB instead. Now that's done, all of the I2C devices (AXP209, Touchpanel, 3D sensor, I2C EEPROM) are all detectable, and the LVDS Driver IC is activated again and the LCD operational.

Also it's been discovered that Wits-Tech shorted out VBUS to ACIN without informing us. This means that when a USB-OTG cable powers up the CPU Card at the same time as 5V power being provided that the two fight for dominance of the 5V rail. The AXP209 on the I/O board freaks out and shuts down. To "fix" this - i.e. be able to carry on working - the 5.0V line has been cut out of a MicroUSB cable. A proper fix will involve either reworking the CPU Card or putting in power-detection on the I/O PCB.