15 May 2013: Populated 1st Revision PCB arrives

The 1st Revision PCB has arrived, strewn with wires in preparation for the 2nd revision. Component placement is 99.5% good: there are some parts on the underside that are over 1.5mm height clearance, and the LCD will be at the back. Along the right-hand edge in order from top to bottom is Micro-USB OTG, Micro-SD, then on the A10/20 EOMA-68 CPU Card is a 2nd Micro-USB OTG, a 2nd Micro-SD, Micro-HDMI, then back onto the PCB is 5V Power and Stereo Headphones and Microphone. In addition to an on-board programmable embedded controller and a user-replaceable USB-based MiniPCIe WIFI slot, all in all it makes for a pretty awesome tablet.

The next phase is, whilst the casework is being done, to get the software up and running for the STM32F. Backlight, Touchpanel, I2C devices and bring-up of the STM32F have all already been done because they are wired directly to the EOMA-68 interface. However, the audio (speakers and mic) are being done in software as PCM (including volume for the microphone) and the Camera will require the use of the "followingrobot" project source code. Fun ahead: a kernel driver is needed as well!