22 Mar 2013: Proper attempt at a PCB layout

Many thanks to Franson of Quick Embed, they are redoing the tablet layout. Many of the decisions and requirements were not documented prior to the hand-over, so it has been necessary to point a few things out along the way. Franson's team however are absolutely great, recommending parts that are easier to obtain than those originally sourced (or thought to be a good idea at the time).

The one bug-bear however is the touch panel. The customer requirements were for a camera to be on the long side (a la Kindle Fire). The reason is simple: any two people making a two-way Video call will, unless the camera is close to the centre of the screen, look like they are incapable of focussing on the person in front of them. Unfortunately, the low-cost $7 touch screen mold that's Public Domain and uncopyrighted (touch-screen designs are copyrighted! in China! insane irony....) and available easily in large volumes has a camera hole in the corner. Costs being what they are, it will be necessary to push this back to the 2nd revision.

Here's progress so far by the PCB designer from Quick Embed. It's pretty close to the version done earlier, except that parts are the right size, and actually available.