4 Dec 2014: First revision PyOpenSCAD prototype casework

Using pyopenscad a first revision of the tablet casework has been drawn up. The border surrounding the touch panel is 5.0mm, and it is made up of layers (1.5mm, 3.0mm, 4.0mm, 2.5mm and 0.2mm) so that, except for the 0.2mm base which should be of stainless steel, construction may be made either of wood laminates or of 3D printed parts. The first layer is a surround around the touch panel. The second is inset from that, and the touchpanel is supplied from the factory with 3M double-sided tape so may be stuck directly to the second layer. All layers would be attached with ten 1.5mm diameter screws or bolts. Total thickness comes in at 11.2mm.

From the picture below it can be seen that the MicroSD slot is inset, as is the headphone and power jack. The Power button will need an acrylic inset as there are two LEDs just behind the power button.

Straight-backed sides have been deliberately chosen both for ease of hand-assembly from 3D printed or wooden laminate parts, but also so as to give a much more simple and solid feel. Also this gives about 10% extra battery space (the present battery chosen was based on curved sides).