14 Dec 2013: Third revision CAD/CAM Casework

Work on the case has started (from scratch) due to the former designers requiring an enormous "release" fee for access to CAD/CAM files, which had not been part of the negotiations. In some ways this is good because they weren't listening to what was required, and made a large number of mistakes. What is good about what they did however is that a) they provided a physical prototype that could be "cut to shape" and b) the prototype illustrated what was not desired, thus helping to make clear what was, by contrast.

In this case work is progressing by creating CAD/CAM models of all the parts, using blender. This will help ensure that the casework will fit around the parts. In white is the Amphenol PCMCIA holder; green is the EOMA68 CPU Card. Cyan is the Flying Squirrel PCB. Dark blue is the LCD. Light purple is the touchpanel. Various other blobs represent battery, WIFI module, headphone, power, Camera and reset switch. With all these parts in place it is now possible to create a case around them. With access to the actual CAD/CAM model it is also possible, prior to physical creation of a prototype, to spin the whole thing round and check from all angles.