28 Oct 2013: Third revision component placement

Some very fast development over the past 4 days gives a preliminary placement for components, showing that this is actually achievable and that everything is going to fit. Connectors and components from top left downwards are LVDS/LCD, Ethernet, SATA, 2-Axis sensor, 3.3V WIFI, SN75LVDS83b, FE1.1 USB Hub, Battery, I2C EEPROM, 20-pin expansion header, USB Audio IC, Microphone, TDA2822 speaker driver, Headphone socket, Power switch, EOMA68 CPU Card socket, DC Power Jack, Micro-USB, 2 LEDs, AXP209, ATSAM4S, Touch panel, Camera and finally back to LVDS LCD connector. It's a pretty dense board, almost 105mm square, with virtually no room to spare. The middle is deceptive: no components can go where the EOMA68 CPU Card is, and there can be no underside components either, in order to get the thickness down.

The nice thing about shrinking the board size (it was originally around 125mm x 117mm) is that the battery size can now increase, and the styling can be more curved rather than rounded.