Development of PCB


  • Q: j13 LCD connector,why this footprint no fit pad? How to get this connector datasheet?
  • A: find it online. i found the part number from the datasheet for the HV070WS01 LCD. page 14 says "CN1 Interface Connector FF12-31A-R12BN" manufactured by DDK.

  • Q: Mic&Audio AMP SCH,You set GND as reference,not AGND, need update sch and pcb?

  • A: yes please update sch and PCB, i do not have electrical engineering experience.

  • Q: Mic SCH,Volume set circuit, here capcitor footprint is 0805,so we have some chance to adjust capcitor value,and your opinion is?

  • A: i do not have electrical engineering experience, so you will need to check. the footprint can be made larger if needed.

  • Q: Mic SCH,here a note as: "mic must be coil due to use OTA" , what is OTA? And as I know,a coil mic, a moving-coil mic do not need any bais voltage,a capcitor mic need bais voltage. So‚Ķmay be I am wrong. And your opinion is ?

  • A: i can't remember! it is PWM for the volume. if you use a piezo mic, it will cause massive interference. so, it has to be a moving-coil mic.

  • Q: Could you tell me information about 3G/WIFI module,datasheet is the best, I need it when I update mini_pcie footprint

  • A: they are all the same, it is a standard. but we should test with Option GTM681W or GTM661W. but PLEASE NOTE! this is not a priority! testing with 802.11 WIFI is more important, please test with an ATH9K and an RTL8191SU:

  • Q: I need PCMCIA/minipcie/sim Sample to check and update footprint

  • A: Contact Mr Tang at Litkconn. i sent franson the contact details. tang3090 i think it is. will update the wiki (BOM page) later