Casework for the 15.6in EOMA68 Laptop Housing

3D Printer

  • 0.4mm nozzle (0.5mm should work with Cura 21.04). See this blog post for more information:
  • Set layer height 0.15mm or below (details are more finer with lower layer height but takes longer to print)
  • Use a corexy or a cartesian printer - please don't use a delta
  • Print bed: minimum 200mmx200mm
  • Consider getting a 3mm hot-end and make sure it can do over 300C – you might need to do nylon or PolyCarbonate for the hinges
  • Duet 0.8.5 or duet-ng controller board


  • DO NOT use ANY board that has "separate modules" for the motor controllers.
  • DO NOT under ANY circumstances get a "RAMBO" or any other type of "modular" design.

Do your research really carefully when choosing 3D printer (or its parts).

3D printer accessories

  • Consider getting some PrintBite (search online) - it works really well
  • Filament from or other "virgin" PLA source.

Crowdfunding campaign planned for a suitable mm/sec/$ optimised 3D printer

If interested put contact details here (name if on arm-netbooks mailing list would be fine)

  • NL - Mike Valk
  • AU - Christian Gelinek