15.6in Laptop


  • User-upgradeable EOMA68 CPU Card
  • 15.6in 1366x768 LCD
  • Full-sized Chicony OEM keyboard with numberpad
  • 4.3in Capacitive Touchpanel with backlit LCD as a trackpad
  • 10000mAh battery providing approx 6-8 hrs battery power
  • MicroSD card slot
  • 1 External Full-size USB Port
  • 2 Internal Full-sized USB Ports (for USB WIFI, 3G, Bluetooth, Storage)

Additional pages:

  • Additional Information at the news page.
  • Details on the PCBs at the pcbs page.
  • 3D printing info etc. at the casework page.


  • Casework: GPLv3 licensed, instructions at the following URL: youmagine - libre-hardware-licensed-parametric-laptop-design
  • LCD: AUO B156XTN02.2 - do not get "or equivalent": get exact part
  • Battery: G-Power EV GPNCM62135160 10Ah - please don't email them asking for 1off quantities: the supply of this EV battery for use in a laptop is an experiment for G-Power, please arrange a group-buy (large order).
  • Keyboard: Chicony P/N MP-03756GB-5287.
  • 3.5in Touchpanel/LCD: Shenzen Frida LCD Co Ltd, P/N 350HV15-CT. MOQs are around 250 units: please don't email them asking for 1off quantities, please arrange a group-buy (large order).
  • 1.5mm 3-ply Plywood - easily found with internet search (Birch, Bamboo usually). Sizes: 2of 169x207mm, 2of 165x189.5mm, 1of 68x138mm, 1of 94x64mm. Model shops typically stock 1.5x300x300mm panels: QTY 4 is sufficient (barring cutting errors) - the offcuts from the larger parts can be used to make the smaller parts.
  • QTY 8of M2 5mm countersunk bolts
  • QTY 2of M2 25mm countersunk bolts
  • QTY 10of M2 hex nuts
  • QTY 2of M3 40mm fully-threaded bolts with a maximum 6mm diameter flat head
  • QTY 4of M3 lock-washers
  • QTY 12of M3 washers
  • QTY 6of M3 hex nuts
  • QTY 15of M2.5 8mm self-tapping screws

Notes on parts

  • Getting hold of the right LCD is critical. Really: don't buy the "or equivalent" parts. The "or equivalent" parts have higher power consumption, higher inrush current, and may not operate correctly at the lower refresh rates which save additional power.
  • Under absolutely no circumstances buy the keyboard from ajarts.co.uk or their aliases. The Chicony keyboard is available on ebay. However, most of the sellers supplying them in the UK are aliases for a single company: ajparts.co.uk. ajparts have failed consistently to even provide the actual part ordered. REPEATEDLY. don't buy from them.
  • M2x25mm countersunk screws are really hard to find (on ebay), but they do exist. Most ebay suppliers only do up to 20mm, which is not long enough. M2 screws in general are not stocked by Ironmongers: they are specialist items. However the LCD bezel specifically requires M2 bolts, and the LCD edge parts thin enough that only M2 hexbolts will fit inside with enough clearance.
  • The inner edges surrounding the base panels contain insets. into which the plywood can be made to fit. The base panels should be expanded by 1mm in every direction on the lower (outer) side - 167mmx191.5mm - and on the upper (inner) side should measure as above (165x189.5mm). The chamfer angle on each edge of the panel should be 45 degrees. A scalpel (craft knife) is sufficiently sharp, and bamboo sufficiently workable, that it's possible to cut through the two upper (inner) layers of the plywood and leaving the last layer untouched.