anonymous comment 2016nov10

Well I like all the idea with the card and so on, but I dont see the added value in comparsion to a lets say GluckGluck, much more powerful only 12.5" etc.

And a gluckgluck is much cheaper. (assambled). yes I know you can put it into a box but even with a docking station the gluggluck is much cheaper. (free thinkpad x200 stuff).

So of course a tablet housing would be great, because tablets really suck tehre are nearly none with free software. But to get back to that laptop, there is one laptop with a mechanical keyboard:

this modell is a gaming laptop and pretty cracy one, recently mechanical keyboards get thinner and thinner:

So using such or another mechanical keyboard had several advantages:

  1. the price difference would be that big, the base product is very expensive anyway, so the additional price would be only a few %. also see point 3 that relatives the price even more.
  2. something special, that would be a reason to use such laptop over a gluck/gluck / thinkpad.
  3. most mechanical keyboards are designed for around 50.000 keypresses, normal rubberdome/chiclet are desiged for maybe 10.000 keypresses and even in that time they gradualy get worse.
  4. it makes your environment foodprint smaler if you only have to use 1 keyborad instead of 5 in 10 years.

So for a casing that is supposed to hold severeal generation of pcs and stay 5 or 10 years around you, you dont want to replace the keyboard every 2 years.

With such keyboard I would consider buying it. Else I have to wait for tablet modul, I guess normaly 15" is pretty unsexy, the only way to make that ignorable wolud be such keyboard.

lkcl 2016nov16: you're entirely missing the point of the entire exercise, in every single way possible and conceivable. can i suggest reading the white paper ?ecocomputing 07sep2016 and also review the crowdsupply updates, as well as review the many responses to these exact same misunderstandings on the 70 or so forums that i covered during the crowdsupply campaign. regarding the keyboard: thinkpad keyboards are patented and cartelled. the suppliers refuse to provide them to anybody except to lenovo for fear of reprisals (cutting off of million-dollar orders). feel free to design or source a suitable keyboard that is neither cartelled nor patented, and feel free to then spend your own time redesigning the casework and PCBs to suit your chosen keyboard. the source code for the casework and the PCBs are available under software libre licenses so you are entirely at liberty to do that. if you choose such action please ensure that you understand and respect the obligations of the license (GPLv3+).