05 July 2015: Casework progress - redesigned back edge

Comparing the first picture against the one taken a few days ago it can be seen that the back edge has been extended by 79mm. Also in place is the back keyboard runner, which has locking clips on its back (which slot into the back edge), and has small clips that the keyboard locks down onto, to hold the keyboard in place.

Surprisingly this assembly is turning out to be very sturdy. The opportunity was taken to redesign the back edge / left edge interlock, making sure of two things: firstly that the cable was entirely snag-free, but secondly that when the bolt is firmly in place, the two parts have absolutely no "swivel", resulting in a nasty creaking sound and ultimately a lot of friction wear at the corner. This is the corner where the laptop lid is hinged: it's imperative that there's no movement.

Top view of the casework showing how the keyboard snaps into place neatly into place. Towards the ends of the front keyboard tray support can be seen two clips (left and right) which are for the compartment lid to lock into place.

Bottom view showing in particular the join location between the PCB1 support, front keyboard tray support and the corner of the touch panel tray. A single screw comes through from the top side to hold these three pieces together. Printing the PCB1 support resulted, to be honest, in a dog's dinner mess that required considerable editing with a craft knife.