02 mar 2016: EOMA68 15.6in Libre Laptop Prototype fully assembled

Finally the casework has been fully assembled. Chamfering the bamboo panels worked successfully as potentially anticipated: the edges are held together strongly enough with bolts to compress the panels rigidly into place. Several revisions have had to be made: the original idea of using slot-in clips for the USB stick compartment was too detailed and flimsy, so a rotating "lock" was created instead that is part of the touchpanel holder. The friction hinges seem to be working well: an overnight test had the screen still held at a steep angle without falling down.

One extremely interesting suggestion was received, which is worth investigating: the rear side of the laptop is perfect for fitting solar panels. With the DC power jack having a 2-way contact switch, it may be extremely simple to have solar charging built-in to the laptop, as an optional extra.

Overall, although there are some minor final changes to be made, the casework is basically ready and it can go to crowdfunding very shortly.