14 Dec 2015: Libre Laptop PCB 1 LCD fully operational

The AUO 15.6in B156XTN02.2 LCD is now operational. Care and attention was put into ensuring that the SN75LVDS83B pins and surrounding tracks were clean (this is the fourth replacement IC), as well as trying a simpler script.fex file that did not have HDMI or any other dual-screen output enabled.

What is surprising is that the script.fex file is specifying that the LCD run at a screen rate of only 37hz (instead of the normal 60hz). Whilst this is a recommended rate for quite significant power-savings when using LG displays (LP156WH4-TLN4) it is nice to see that such a low power-saving frequency also works with the AUO "LG-compatible" screens as well.

Last on the TODO list for PCB1 is to confirm that the microphone, speakers and headphone socket all work. Once that is done, this PCB can be confirmed as 100% operational. Although some minor changes will be needed for a second revision, at least there will be a working prototype such that it may be proposed for crowd-funding.