29 Dec 2014: Specifications decided for the 15.6in Libre Hardware laptop

The specification has been chosen for the 15.6in Libre Hardware laptop, beginning this project. A 1366x768 LCD has been chosen for this first laptop as it is lower cost and matches with the first variant (5.0mm) of the EOMA68 CPU Cards. Later variants (3.3mm height) will be capable of 1920x1080 however this will require costly retooling, so is planned for later on.

The PCB components are fairly similar to that of the 7in tablet, with the exception that a larger PMIC is required as the LCD takes 5 watts for the backlight and requires an additional 3.5 watts to run the LCD signals. Casework will be designed using PyOpenSCAD in the same way as has been done with the tablet.