Ingenic jz4760B

The jz4760 is a low-cost 130nm 600mhz MIPS-based CPU that has been augmented with an 8-stage Vector Processing Unit called X-Burst. X-Burst is fast enough to do software-based 3D Graphics and 720p Video Decode. No firmware is required, and there is no proprietary on-board hardware, making this CPU potentially FSF Hardware-Endorseable.

Additionally: CPUs are available from (the chinese equivalent of ebay), making it possible to create samples and fulfil low-volume orders. Pricing for single-quantity appears to be around the $7 mark. In combination with full documentation being available (below), products could be created immediately, without requiring any interaction with Ingenic except to fulfil mass-volume orders at a later date. As the JZ4760B is the older CPU, pricing in mass-volume has to be better than the JZ4770, which is around $7.50 for 100k units.

Updates on progress on the development of an EOMA68 jz4760 CPU card can be found on the news page. Full Schematics, PCB Layout files and Datasheets of associated components can be found here: