Operation: Marketing!

"Op Mark" for short

This website needs the info that is floating around nailed down and concentrated. Convoy the philosophy through products.

I'll be posting drafts here at my attemt to write a text that explains it all, with a genal version and a techy version.


EMOA-* means gernic, covering all emoa standards. like ?EOMA-68 and ?EOMA-CF

What EOMA-* Means:

  • EOMA-* is the ideal hardware for products/devices that have experience lead design
  • We Need Free Software, Free Hardware. EOMA-* the free hardware the software freedom needs.

To Do

  • rhombus-tech home page update
  • rhombus-tech home page text
  • text for products
  • list of good projects that folow the thinking,psfally, meaning good ones, that we appreove of. so pepole go to qimod for lean of "approved" devices. so qimod has influnce and some "brand" controal. ?QiMod Endorsed Devices
  • then Operation Promotion: go to the differnt markects and promote
  • sell sell sell buy buy buy buy buy!
  • clear pics of microdesktop *and* eoma-68 card! make it clear that there differnt things.
  • Brand
  • Logo
  • Rhombus-Tech.org New Name For EOMA-* | FSFE Etherpad: public instance
  • Add laptop to libreplanet https://libreplanet.org/wiki/Group:Hardware/Laptops_Comparison


  • zegist moment!!!
  • ?free software advocates!!!
  • genal people!!!
  • hackers
  • techys
  • hacker spaces
  • kids
  • edcation
  • non-evil apple alternitve wanters
  • lawyers - they and there clients need secure communication. a off the shelf, easy (and cheep) eoma-* devices with a high threat level security but ease of use for a newbie. a hardware example of high threat level hardware security would be that to begin with (being pragmatic with what is readly right now) the devices would come with the a20 card but when the opencores card is ready (reality is that by the time of a lawyer aimed device the opencores card would be readly :).), all new card+device packages come with the open cores card. just a example. http://www.commondreams.org/newswire/2015/03/30/uk-government-trying-prevent-justice-rendition-victims
  • audio and video

We Believe:

We,QiMod believe changing the status quo. Creating a complete paradigm shift in mass-volume computing. We live on a finenat plant. Our products will obey there users and not us, We are not gods with power over other peoples computing. We Love Software Freedom, we support libre software by what we do. Our products/standards are the building block for most computing needs. Let's go change the world, or at the very least make some awesome hardware, together!


Input Pool:

  • Technology that you love for ever!
  • the scale of mass-volume
  • free software, free society
  • for the next 10 years
  • upgradable by anybody
  • Upgrade the card or consume a hole new laptop?
  • Kids learn hacking on the same libre standard computers that they use day to day
  • what laptop do you desire? titaium, wood,cheep,light,bullet proof?
  • sideways
  • open specification
  • No more e-waste of a hole-new-deivce just for a faster little SOC.
  • everyone benifts
  • buy for your budject now but still have the great plug & play software.
  • you get the speed of computering you want while the poor get acess to the same sort great devices on affordabley
  • local ecomicey can make ther own devices, computer cards
  • global resource management, this is ideay for this.
  • instead of the junk from china they can now fill any nechie. it's a lot simpler, easyir, cheeper, and there no longer making the same software mess like the currenty do.
  • benifts of sharing a comman block
  • product maximisation - not profit maximisation at all costs for the sake of bloody share holders-
  • empowerment
  • Own your data, Own yourself. while you always own yourself at a bare bones level, don't you prefer to own the rest of yourself? hehe
  • "long-term". if people ask "can it _really_ be long-term??" USB, Ethernet and so on have been around for decades, they will always be improved for at least the next decade, is that "long term" enough for them?
  • i'm not the product. i'm the customer. (a flip of : "When you're not the customer, you are the product")
  • it's my phone not the advertisers phone!


  • "Let's go change the world, or at the very least make some awesome hardware" - Luke K
  • The opposite of "open" is "theirs". -David Weinberger

Wording I've learned doesn't work:

  • "future proof" has the snag that with some peoloe they think "nothings future proof" and won't even look at the web site. so I won't be using that phase of mine anymore.

Wikipedia Pages To Link To:



  • ?Drafts:General Public
  • ?Drafts:Technical Persons

Down the line

Picture the posiablitys cus theres too many to list here, more than we can think of. Idea: micro blog, send your pics of your use, msgs of your uses to @ThereiEOMAit (playing on "There I hacked it"like There I Fixed It ), #heresmyeoma #OhEOMA #Myeoma #iEOMA.
Fun ways to pronounce EOMA: e~o-ma,

my past drafts

Early Drafts: Free Software Advocates And Techys
Early Drafts: Non-Techincal