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YOu want eay to use, innavative software. Easy to use, innavative is not in our why becuase thats not our task. there are many pepole allready doing that :D ! but what is needed is hardware that is always plug n' play for software, hardware that doesn't get in the way of the software. Softare for our products is done the monden way, by many pepole here and threre and everywere by any one libre software writer. not some relitivly small team of one comperany and the limits of the minds of that team.

We have done this by creating a Open Spec/Standard for a user (including granny!) swapable/upgradable modual computer in a credit-card size formfactor.

The implications for the whole industry are very very profound. Just by a simple shift of putting computing onto tiny user-hot-swappable cards.

the revolution we're looking at really was not possible until the size, power consumption and CPU speed all crossed certain thresholds.

We have made the first computer card and a partner; Make Play Live is selling it (via preorder) with there Improv, a compact, credit-card sized board that the computer card plugs into which exposes the interfaces. The Improv can turn a screen/tv into a computer, media center, be a home server, DIY device, jukbox, etc. What do you want to improvise with the Improv? Next for upcomming pre-order is a 7inch tablet. when the case is finished. Swap your computer card into the tablet or buy another card.

We do this by:

Hardware & Software We design a modable computer card open spec/standard. design products confermoning to that spec. We have partners that make the hardware. Inreturn we work with the libre software community to get working software thats free onto the hardware.

FS devs help do the software for a device and so we get friendly hardware and the factory does what it does best making hardware. Software Freedom is a long-term goal for qimod products.

Hardware that conforms with Free Software ideails means compermising in multiably ways or is small production-run and so expensive.n One offs with an unknow future for what your going to do when the time comes when your device breaks. only a choice of a few form factors with not the computing power you might prefer or need to do what you would like todo.

With EMOA, any device can be turned into a computer only running free software just by inserting a differt computer card. There are computerAs we Love Free Software, we'll suport free software by what we do. cards with the compremiss for the masses of a yucky GPU (a problem with all socs) but can run without the GPU as a free software system (at least computer cards made by QiMod) but theres the option of computer cards that conferm with the free software ideails, and when a new soc comes along. All that has to be done is make a small computer card and not a hole bloddy laptop. instead it wil go into the existing millons of devices. There was(?) the opssibilty of a spec of your dreams soc if some millons of funding where made avilable:

We work with the lesser of the evil socs. to get a blance between libre-software and cheep, mass-volume, good specs socs.

Our products/standards are a sulation for an organic garnden for organic software to grow. meaning what we do will always have libre-software first, instead of happening even just quendency run libre-software.

Making a Open/Free(dom) Specification standard for modular computers (the CPU/SOC part.) This moduaar cpu card leads towards computering that is lower in golbal resorces. This modula cpu card form factor is easy pease, lemon squisy for anybody (including grany) to swap, upgrade. dozens of times each day. They can swap there cpu card them selves!

Making hardware:

but first some back story: small projects,compernies make hardware. It's a lot of effort to make a device if your smaller. The big corps chuck out new hardware all the time with faster computing, a differt screen, maybe a high res one, differnt case style but the same end thing as the prev modaile. then the comsumer uses it for 2 years, maybe a few more years if it's lucky then the give money to those above for a new machine but its a hole new machine when they just needed it faster or more efficant -more battery time- as there needs have changed or maybe they just fancy a upgrade. This costs more long term -monertery-. It emidity costs 2x more for plant, the limited avilavle gobal resources, envoment. The clock ticks faster. #

What this means for you and some examples, Picture the posiablitys cus theres too many to list here, more than we can think of.

(Idea: micro blog, send your pics of your use, msgs of your uses to @ThereIEMOAedIt (playing on "There I hacked it"), #heresmyemoa #OhEMOA

Myemoa #IEMOA. Pronounced e-mo-a sounds like some quite cuddly thing.)

You want hardware with easy to use, play and play, stable, continently supported [1] by the community software right? Then thats what is hardware is able to lead too.

Allready 9*% of hardware work. 3D alcelleration/games will allways be a problem on arm due to arms and other coms stupid polices but reversengering work is being done and making progess

If they want a difernat form factors that also means buying more computing pwoer. You save say £60 per device by not duplcating compting power, swap your EMOA computer card.

Keep your EMOA computer card in your jackect pockert and plug-in to some ones elses big screen, projector, laptop, tablet,etc and get on with your work & play. Carry your computer where every you go on a whim and travel light at the same time.

zegist moment

Comparshion to other exsisting projects that won't be named: It's all very well "We want to change sucky UK computer education, oh and we'all plonk togeather a little computer, using a unfriendly corps soc who we used to work for and have a few mates in. a soc that wouldn't be chosen with a floss = edcation mind set. When you could instead put you money where your prefence is: How about changeing mass-volume computering gloably. oh btw this means hardware that provides new education optunitys like making a tablet,device in uni that is sold on the markect. hardware that you use day to day but can also slot in to your quriocoptor bot, or your firework electronic ignonshion system or a line folwing bot or just playing about with GPIO to do things like hocking up a button and a led. Have a leaner board that is stuffed full of GPIO, thanks to a ardunio-like chip, which means you could run ardunio progams on it. Just plug you computer card into the board to hockup you project to a computer for things like a web interface or sound,etc. then remove the computer card back into your laptop when your done. or buy a cheep low spec computer card for your project for something more peramenty. No longer do you have the pain of unwiring to remove the computer to use it in another project. With the help of a simple board with the connector on it you can play & play dozzens of times a day.

This is our chance... Do you wa'n dance? Lets take our chance....

[1]not suported for say 2 years and dumped like andriod,bapple,etc tablets. or no years in the case of the cheep GPL voliating (bad will to the FLOSS comunity) -Grrr!- android running tablets.

“ To combine British innovation, plus European sales expertise, with Chinese engineering and manufacturing excellence to produce highly desirable and saleable high technology goods. To utilise this cross-cultural synergy alongside QiMOD Design skills in ways that simplify Software Development. The result is faster times to market with industry-leading devices that are low-power, low-cost and high value. ”